Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The war of the Gentleman’s game shifts to the lake side town

Nyanza Cricket Association will host a School cricket tournament on the 23rd of February on the banks of Lake Victoria at Kisumu Day secondary primary school fields. Although cricket competitions have been very sporadic, the game is growing and things are changing for the good.

It’s a good move by the new office at “CK” who have made their intentions clear of spreading the Gentleman’s game across the country and not limit it to big centers like Nairobi. This is good news for the untapped talent and resource in the “wild wild west”.

The following Teams are expected to Participate

Kisumu Day School,
kisumu senior School,
kisumu girls School
kisumu junior School
kasagam secondary School
Highway secondary School

Cricket Kenya has also organized  an governance and leadership course for the members of Nyanza Cricket Association, 15 members attended this program, and this should help the Association in administration and other off-field activities.

Personally my dream is to see a team from Nyanza play in the region’s most competitive competition the EAPL&C tournaments, and witness a couple of fields in Kisumu being uplifted to at least First-class level and some cricketers going on to play for Kenya against the best the world has to offer.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cricket development in Nyanza

 Nyanza Cricket Association is on the lookout for appropriate venues for cricket; most fields are engaged with football.
Kisumu day secondary school is in consultation with CK about establishing an artificial wicket and Makini School has offered adequate space for another field. The principle of Kisumu polytechnic also has offered the college field to be used if required.
 Another great development is the schools that play the sport now allocate funds for its development in terms of equipment and training. The Association is planning an all schools competition at the end of this month.
The city of Kisumu has been divided into four zones and each zone will have its own tournament the winner of each zone will compete in a separate competition. The zone one competition has already been concluded.

Development snaps

Friday, June 29, 2012

Kakamega boys celebrate Kisumu feast


Results of the tournament held in Kisumu on the 23rd of June.

Under 19, boys;
Kakamega cricket club (under, 19) defeated defending champions and hosts, Kisumu Senior Academy in the final.

Under 19, girls;
St. Teresa Girls Secondary defeated YSDAK and retained their title they had won last year.

Under 15, boys;
Kisumu Junior Academy [B] bettered rivals Jalaram Academy.

Under 15, girls;
Ezra Gumbe bettered highway primary.

The office bearers of Nyanza cricket once again hosted a successful tournament and did a great job.

The highlight was the performance of Kakamega cricket club. Kisumu themselves won a similar tournament in Nakuru in 2009.
It would be fantastic to see teams from Kisumu, Kakamega Nakuru and Eldoret participate in a competition together.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kisumu Academy all set to defend their last years Title

After a lull of several weeks, Cricket comebacks ashore to the second largest city in the Lake Victoria basin, “Kisumu”. Kisumu with its wide streets and fine colonial architecture reminds one and all that the game belongs here.

The Kisumu Academy will play host again to several schools and clubs around the town this coming weekend, 23rd June. There will be tournaments for boys and girls at both primary and secondary level.

The teams that have till date confirmed participation are;
Kisumu Academy primary/secondary
Kasagam secondary
Muslim secondary,
kisumu day secondary
Bhayani Nursery & Primary School
Highway Primary School
St. Theresa girls’ school
Kasawino cricket team
Ysdak cricket team
A team from kakamega will also be taking part which is a great , this shows that cricket is blooming in the western region of Kenya.

The showdown will be attended by former Kenyan cricketer Joseph Angara. The CK, CEO may also attend the tournament. Tom Sears will be resigning as chief executive at the end of this month, but it’s great to see him trying to promote the sport in the western region even in the last week of his duty.

Nyanza Province had a slow start but they are making every effort to be part of Cricket Kenya's programs. Cricket without Boundaries, a team of nine coaches from the UK had concluded a tour where they conducted cricket coaching to children in a number of schools in the township some months back.

Derrick Inyanje, Gerald Omollo and Anil Patel had been co-coordinating this leg of the tour and in as far as facility development is concerned, ground work is to be done to establish the viability of the venues for the laying of any astro-turfs, a follow up will be done on the opportunities available for developing a ground there.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Nyanza's tour of Rift Valley (Pictures)


The green outfield


The action

                                                      The Players in Traditional whites

Overall it was a good experience for the boys to play on a good cricket ground